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Last update: 2010-02-01

XRF Analysis of Carbonblack

CSFR, January 1991

327 mg of loose powder on supporting film,
slightly pressed to ensure that top surface // bottom surface.
Rh tube, Helium. Results are in [Mass %].

             UniQuant 1
       Na      0.12
       Mg      0.026
       P       0.027
       S       0.19
       Ca      0.02
       V       0.15
       Fe      0.028
       Ni      0.11

       C       99.29 Rest found by UniQuant set to Case = 2

No customer's standards were used for calibration. A customer's standard was
measured and treated as an unknown sample. The specified standard concentrations
were not given to us. However, the customer was baffled by the results above and
the first reaction was:
"It seems as if  UniQuant has been especially developed for the analysis of carbonblack".
80 % of the lab’ s samples are carbonblack which before were analyzed by
other (very time consuming) methods. Now all carbonblack samples are routinely analyzed
by the PW1480 + UniQuant.



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